Agile and Scrum software - OpenProject supports your teams

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Support your agile projects and Scrum teams with professional and intuitive methods and artifacts, such as product and sprint backlogs, task boards, burndown charts, story cards export, and more. Scrum teams can easily collaborate even if they are in different locations.

Manage product and sprint backlogs

  • Create, maintain and specify requirements in the product backlog
  • Prioritize requirements in the sprint backlog
  • Assign requirements to a sprint easily per drag and drop in sprint planning


Create and manage epics, user stories and tasks

  • Structure the work packages according to the Scrum methodology
  • Create epics, user stories and tasks from the backlog view
  • Easily update user stories and tasks and see when a team member updates a story

Create user story

Document effort in story points

  • Document effort estimation to user stories in backlogs
  • The story point total is automatically calculated for each sprint

story points

Support your Daily Meetings with an online Task board

  • An online Task board supports your Daily Meetings
  • For each sprint you can add and update tasks to the according user stories
  • Define Sprint Impediments
  • Assign tasks and set remaining hours
  • Update easily per drag and drop

task board

Display burndown charts for user stories and tasks

  • Monitor the sprint effort with integrated burndown charts
  • See the story points, remaining hours and ideal burndown for all user stories


Print story cards to visualize progress

  • Print your epics, user stories and tasks as story cards
  • Use the story cards for physical display on a pin board for better progress visualization

story card export

Document results of sprint planning and retrospective in the wiki

  • Document results of sprint planning and retrospective in a wiki page directly from the backlogs
  • Create templates to harmonize documentation, e.g. with different ratios and calculations for each sprint
  • Document decisions and results for stakeholders
  • Directly link to user stories, tasks or other project artifacts

Wiki de sprint