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OpenProject is the leading open source project management software. While providing a premium, powerful project management software, OpenProject is highly committed to data security and privacy. Especially when managing projects, you are handling a lot of business critical and sensitive data, e.g. business processes and customers. Secure data, secure processes: the protection of personal data is for OpenProject more than just a legal requirement. We are a company based in the European Union and the awareness and importance of data security and privacy actions have always been a major topic for us. We are offering OpenProject not only as cloud edition but also as on-premises edition because this is an integral part of software freedom as well as our data privacy strategy. We will continue to offer both versions; contrary to Jira who is focusing on cloud first.

What is on-premises software?

On-premises software is an in-house hosted solution where the private data centers are run and maintained by the organization itself, behind its own firewall. Hence, all data remain with the organization and not with the software vendor. That gives complete control to the software user and the user can decide how to use the software.

Who is using on-premises software?

Basically, businesses that need to meet compliance standard, looking for the highest level of security and want complete control over their data and plan on customizing the software would choose an on-premises version. It is often the case in highly regulated industries. However, on-premises is more and more the solution of choice, as there are more benefits to it next to the data privacy.

Why to choose an on-premises software?

As mentioned, an on-premises software offers the highest security level and allows to comply with regulations (e.g. in the healthcare industry). Additionally, hosting it yourself means that the on-premises solution is reliable and allows the organization to maintain a level of control that the cloud often cannot. It also offers the flexibility to customize, i.e. you can add or customize code to meet your needs. Customization also results in more control over how information is processed and stored. Besides you being able to customize your OpenProject on-premises, it also offers a Powerful API for the integration of any application.

What to tick off before the installation of an on-premises software?

  • Scope of the project in terms of data.
  • How many users will work with the solution.
  • Can you scale the storage capacity with growing user or data growth.
  • Is the current hardware up to date.
  • Update the cost of data, IT infrastructure, maintenance for the business case.

Don’t forget

An on-premises software requires on the one hand the hardware, power consumption and space and on the other hand a strong IT team that takes care of deployment, maintenance, upgrades, fixing issues. As with a cloud solution, the software licenses costs need to be considered, too. What you should also keep in mind is that compared to a cloud solution where you can easily upgrade the number of users, the on-premises solution requires more long-term planning regarding the capacity of growing users or data.

OpenProject on-premises edition

OpenProject offers two different open source on-premises versions: The Community edition and the Enterprise on-premises edition. The Community edition is for free of charge and covers a wide range of features. The Enterprise on-premises edition offers you professional support and additional Enterprise add-ons and security features for your self-hosted OpenProject.

Start your 14 days free trial of OpenProject Enterprise on-premises here.