How to manage your project deadlines?

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The work environment has become more and more complex over the last decades: rapid market changes and the need to respond fast, unpredictability, a demand for fast product developments, bigger project teams, remote working, e-business and much more. That is why many projects come with uncertainty and are very complex.

And that is why we all know the projects where we are juggling changing deadlines, shifting priorities, changing procedures. All uncertainty and priority changes result in changes to your deadlines, making them even tighter. In order to be on top of your project and meet your deadlines to make the project a success, you need to always be up to date, know what to do next, what to brief team members.

Your support to keep a clear head

As a web-based project management software, OpenProject serves as a single source of information for all project-related information. Use OpenProject to effortlessly track, execute, and report on work together with your team.

What work is due?

OpenProject is the easiest way for teams to track their work – and get results. Everybody knows the goals and works with the team to get there. Easily organize your own tasks and assign tasks to one of your teammates. With OpenProject you have all tasks and communication in one place.

Tabla de paquetes de trabajo

The work package table is the best way to keep track of all tasks - even if they keep changing. This dynamic task list provides an overview of all the work that has to be completed. See the progress, who is working on which tasks and what tasks have what deadlines. Plenty of filter options allow you to view the attributes most important to you. And most important, you collaborate in real time, all updates are available immediately and you won’t miss any changes. If you would like to be notified via email for changes on work packages, add yourself (and/or other project team members) as a watcher.

Tableros Agile

Instead of using the work package table view, you can also use agile boards to display all work packages. Use them for anything you would like to keep track of within your projects: Tasks to be done, Bugs to be fixed, Things to be reviewed, Features to be developed, Risks to be monitored, Ideas to be spread, anything! Los tableros constan de listas (columnas) y tarjetas. You can choose between a Basic board and various Action boards.


When is work due?

You would at any time want be able to view the timeline of your project to be up to date. The Gantt chart in OpenProject displays the work packages in real-time in a timeline. Transition easily between your work package table and project planning by activating the Gantt chart. The Gantt chart allows you to collaboratively create and manage your project plan. Tenga los plazos de su proyecto a disposición de todos los miembros del equipo y comparta información actualizada con las partes interesadas. Puede añadir fechas de inicio y fin y adaptarlo con arrastrar y soltar en el diagrama de Gantt. Also, you can add dependencies, relationships, predecessor or follower within the Gantt chart.

gantt chart

What is the status of your project?

Want an overview on how your project is going with one click? The project overview page is a is a single dashboard page where all important information of the selected project can be displayed. You can customize it and display relevant information for you and your team, such as members, news, project description, work package reports, or a project status.

What has happened most recently?

Sometimes you need to have at a glance what changes happened since you e.g. last logged in to OpenProject. The Activity module lists the newest developments in your project. Apply a filter to select which changes are included in the activity.

What have the project team members been up to?

In order to keep each other up to date on changes made to work packages, project team members can notify each other by commenting on work packages and mentioning the respective team member or group with @name.


If you wanted to leave a message to the whole project team to keep them up to date about recent changes or news, you can use the news module. Create your news entry to communicate any general topic or update to all team members.

No one likes navigating tight deadlines, uncertainty and changing priorities—but OpenProject supports you in managing your work through all these circumstances. It keeps all information in one place, making it easy for you and your team to plan, execute, track and report your work.

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