Nextcloud start page showing the OpenProject widget

We released the OpenProject integration to Nextcloud in version 2.2.1

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We are very proud to release version 2.2.1 of the Nextcloud app “OpenProject Integration”, which will further solidify the integration and bring significant improvements as well as bug fixes. You can update to the latest version of the app in your Nextcloud app center.

The following changes make all the difference:

  • We significantly improved the OpenProject notifications displayed in the Nextcloud dashboard. Notifications will be aggregated by work packages, displaying the number of changes belonging to one work package. They are directly linked to the notifications center in OpenProject and open the respective work package. Also, users can mark their OpenProject notifications as read in Nextcloud by clicking on the three dots symbol next to a notification.
  • We improved the UX when linking work packages from Nextcloud by prioritizing recently modified work packages when searching for a work package.
  • We removed the option to integrate OpenProject notifications into the bell symbol in Nextcloud. It proved to be too noisy as it created too many unnecessary notifications.
  • We added many more smaller bug fixes that improve and stabilize the integration.

We have also put in a lot of effort to improve the experience of administrators:

  • We developed APIs in the app and in OpenProject that allow scripting the setup of the integration. This is extremely useful if you want to script the setup of a fresh combination of OpenProject and Nextcloud. Administrators will not need to to deal with OAuth credentials anymore.
  • When changing the OpenProject Oauth settings in Nextcloud or resetting the complete connection, it is now possible to revoke the tokens that were received from OpenProject.
  • We disabled the Reset button in the Administrator’s settings if the settings are empty.

Thank you, Nextcloud, for our great collaboration. We are looking forward to OpenProject release 12.5 which will bring the option to add and remove links to files in Nextcloud in the work packages details view.