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OpenProject at the forefront as open source project management software for universities

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Study on software solutions at universities 2022

The results of the ZKI (The German association of Higher Education (HE) IT centers and public funded research organizations) Strategy and Organization working group on software solutions at universities 2022 are now publicly available. The survey collected information on which specific software solutions are used for different application areas at the universities and how satisfied the users are with these solutions, which operating models have been chosen, which license models the software solutions have and whether a replacement by another software is planned. Responses were received from 142 institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with details of almost 2400 solutions.

OpenProject among the top solutions for project management software for universities

The universities were asked about the use of software in a total of 19 categories. For each category, uniform questions were asked, such as which solution is used and whether it is an open source software, proprietary software, a self-developed solution or a hybrid model. Furthermore, the satisfaction and the willingness to switch from the software solutions were queried. Among the categories, the institutions have been asked about project management software in use.

OpenProject is ranked here among the top 5 solutions for project management software for universities. The following chart shows the top solutions for each category. Here open source solutions are marked in green, hybrid licenses in light green and commercial solutions in blue.

ZKI ranking software for universities

It is encouraging that at least three of the top 5 project management software for universities are open source solutions. Furthermore, 75% of the participating universities run their software themselves on site. In the project management category, this proportion is even higher. However, only 31% of the software solutions used in total are open source. OpenProject has a very high overall satisfaction rate among the universities. No intentions to switch to other software were mentioned. However, there are plans to switch from other solutions, such as Jira, MSProject or Redmine to OpenProject.

Read the full study of the ZKI working group Strategy and Organization on software solutions at universities 2022 here (in German language).

If you are looking for more examples of how universities work with OpenProject, you can find an overview of the benefits and exciting reference stories here on our page on open source project management software for universities, educational and research institutes. OpenProject offers a special education discount for its enterprise version for universities. Get in touch with us if you want to find out more.