OpenProject reseller program launched

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Today, we launched the OpenProject reseller program. Resellers can purchase the Enterprise edition for their customers at reduced prices and receive many additional benefits.

What is the reseller program and which benefits does it provide?

Especially large software resellers are constantly looking to add the best tools to their portfolio and provide maximum value to their clients.

The OpenProject reseller program supports this and provides discounts and benefits to resellers.

Resellers benefit in a number of ways.

1. Attractive price discounts

Resellers can purchase the Enterprise on-premises at reduced prices for their customers.

Prices are reduced by 25%.

2. Earn with own services

If you offer your own professional services and implementations for OpenProject you can keep 100% of that revenue.

OpenProject is a good addition to existing IT services.

3. Free Enterprise on-premises

As a successful reseller, we grant you a free Enterprise on-premises license for up to 25 users (Starter plan).

How can I become an OpenProject reseller?

The reseller program is free to join.

First, apply for the OpenProject reseller program. We will then get in touch with you.

You can find more information on the reseller program website.

How can I benefit if I am not a reseller?

Currently, the reseller program is mainly aimed at established companies looking to add OpenProject to their portfolio.

However, we plan to introduce an affiliate program soon. Stay tuned for updates.