OpenProject released on Bitnami

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Bitnami released OpenProject installers for Windows, OS X and Linux, as well as virtual machines today. This provides an additional (one-click) installation option for OpenProject besides the installation via packager and the manual installation.

The released OpenProject version is OpenProject 4.0.4 and contains not only the core but also multiple plugins:

  • Backlogs (currently used in the application); Trabajos pendientes
  • Costos
  • Documentos
  • Roles globales
  • Help Link
  • Reunión
  • MyProject Page
  • PDF Export
  • Reportes de costo
  • Translations

OpenProject at Bitnami

Especially the Windows installer provides an additional environment in which OpenProject can be used.

OpenProject won the Bitnami contest in September by having the most users vote for OpenProject out of a large number of open source applications.

You can find the options to download and install OpenProject on the Bitnami website. Find more details and an interview with Birthe Lindenthal, Chairperson of the OpenProject Foundation’s Board of Directors, on the Bitnami blog.

A big thanks to Bitnami for providing an additional easy way to install and test OpenProject!