OpenProject – installation made easy

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Not all of us are lucky enough to be tech-savvy, but all of us could benefit from being able to use the features of a powerful and user friendly project management software. We all know how challenging it might be to find just the right software. Clicks after clicks after clicks only to find out that all the right features cost a ridiculous amount or that your future with a great open source software is jeopardized by a too complicated installation process.

We want to make the installation of OpenProject easier and more accessible to everyone. There is of course the OpenProject demo, the blind date, which offers a sneak peak of sorts to give you the initial idea of what this software is all about.

What happens when you decide that OpenProject might be the one? This is where the packaged installation comes into play!

Packaged installation

We offer the packaged installation since November 2014. It is provided through the service and seriously reduces the chances of errors and simplifies the installation process. . We provide the installation packages for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS.

Good news: SUSE packager is also coming soon!

There are already over 7700 downloads and more than 1300 active installations with packager! See the scope for yourself: from Canada to New Zealand, OpenProject is being used all over the world.

map packager

Choose the edition that is right for you

On top of automating the installation process we now also offer different OpenProject installations: a core and community edition. If you are looking for the core functions only then, as suggested by the name, the core edition is the right one for you. The community edition includes all of the supported plugins, such as Backlogs, Cost, PDF Exports, Meetings and much more.

So start using OpenProject today. With open source and open mind.