OpenProject - GitHub integration

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With OpenProject 11.3 we are releasing an exciting new integration between GitHub and OpenProject. This integration facilitates the collaboration of developers by connecting the two applications.

Usually, the top down planning of a software development, incl. specifications and timelines happens in OpenProject whereas the actual development is done in GitHub. With the integration of GitHub into OpenProject, any developer or stakeholder is able to see the current status of the development, from overall timing and tasks down to pull requests being worked on. The integration allows developers to be redirected from a work package straight to the associated pull request, thus going from planning straight into development.

GitHub integrated in the OpenProject application

The new GitHub integration in OpenProject is an individual module that, once activated, will be displayed to you as a tab in the work package details view. All activities taking place on GitHub that are related to the work package, are listed on its GitHub tab.

GitHub tab in OpenProject

The benefits of the GitHub integration

Whilst you e.g. specify a feature or task in your OpenProject work package, the new GitHub integration supports you to then create a branch straight from the work package and consequently the matching pull request. If you already have an existing pull request in GitHub, you can link it using the code OP#5999 (5999 being the ID of the work package) in the GitHub pull request description.

GitHub create branch

Pull request status update

In addition, the new GitHub integration gives you an overview over pull requests associated to a work package. You will see at a glance the status of each pull request and which one still needs to be worked on. And if you want to continue working on one of the pull requests, the link takes you straight into GitHub to the specific pull request.

Pull request status update

GitHub actions status update

Together with the pull requests, the status of GitHub actions will be displayed in your OpenProject work packages. You will for example see if the test run on your CI performed successfully.

GitHub actions status update

Tracking of code development

By connecting work packages and GitHub pull requests, you have all information regarding a part of the code together in one place. Even at a later stage, you will be able to retrace what part of code has been developed and why, making it easier to add on to it or alter it if needed.

A great collaboration

The OpenProject-GitHub integration was made possible by our customer Mercedes-AMG who contributed greatly to this development. We thoroughly enjoyed the close collaboration which is a great example for the open source idea, making the integration available for all OpenProject users. Thank you very much for being such a role model, Mercedes-AMG!

We also thank Bitcrowd, our strategic development partner. Their developer Philipp Tessenow was the main contributor in the OpenProject team to develop the GitHub integration. Thanks to Bitcrowd supporting their employees to contribute to open source projects, we were lucky to get an amazing Ruby on Rails expert on board.

The integration in images

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