OpenProject 7.1.0 released

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We released OpenProject 7.1.0. The release improves timeline queries, provides additional customization options and improves the design. There are also several bug fixes included.

We recommend the update to the current version.

Features (4)

  • The style of the sidebar has been updated (#25556).
  • The timeline zoom factor is now saved in queries: When you open a saved timeline query the same zoom level as before is shown (#25318).
  • As a user of the Enterprise cloud and Enterprise on-premises edition, you can now upload a custom favicon which is shown in the browser. You can also set a touch icon which is shown on smartphones (e.g. when setting a bookmark)(#25517).
  • Users of the Enterprise cloud and Enterprise on-premises edition can now also set white headers and there are two additional configuration options: Setting the hover background color and the hover font color (#25275).

Bug fixes (20)

  • Deactivated groupings on the work package page were not properly saved in queries. This has been fixed. (#25606)
  • When grouping by assignee while the author is shown as a column, the same groups were shown multiple times. This has been resolved. (#25605)
  • In some cases type-specific attributes were not shown for work packages. This has been fixed. (#25594)
  • Deep links to a repository page redirected back to the root repository page. This has been resolved.
  • We fixed an error prevented users from scrolling the work package query menu. (#25572)
  • When filtering for Boolean work package custom fields incorrect results were shown. This has been resolved.
  • Bulk deleting work packages which contain time entries caused an error. This has been fixed. (#25569)
  • Long text work package custom fields were not shown in correct size in work package fullscreen mode. This has been resolved.
  • Categories with long names caused rows in the work package table to span multiple lines. This has been fixed.
  • Exported work package CSV files could not be opened properly if the ID was displayed as the first column. This has been resolved. (#25536)
  • Search results for work package relations showed HTML attributes. This has been fixed. (#25534)
  • We fixed an error that caused work package attributes to sometimes not be saved properly when editing in quick succession.
  • There was an error that caused Boolean custom fields to always be set to “True” after copying a work package - even when the value was set to “False” in the original work package. This has been fixed.
  • Timeline relationships between milestones and phases were sometimes not shown correctly. This has been addressed.
  • In some cases the hierarchy mode was only applied after clicking the respective icon multiple times. This has been resolved.
  • When saving an query that has been added to the side menu, the new query was not shown as part of the side menu. We fixed this issue.
  • Several design bugs have been fixed (#25595, #25371, #25356, #25298).


  • The calendar module is now marked deprecated and will be removed as part of OpenProject 8.0.0. An appropriate warning has been added to the module.

Thanks a lot to the community, in particular to Peter F, Jochen Gehlbach and Ole Odendahl for reporting bugs!

For further information on the release, please refer to the Changelog v7.1.0 or take a look at GitHub.