Looking forward to OpenProject 5.1

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OpenProject 5.1 is on the horizon! A new version of OpenProject will be soon. Reason enough to provide an outlook on new features and improvements included in this release.


OpenProject 5.1 includes several new features and improvements - especially with regard to work packages.

Inline work package creation

Often it is useful to create several work packages in quick succession, for example when creating a list of tasks. With OpenProject 5.1 it is possible to create new work packages right in the work package table by using inline create.

Inline editing for work packages

Similarly to the inline create option, it is possible in OpenProject 5.1 to quickly edit work packages in the work package table by simply selecting entries in the work package table and making adjustments. This allows to swiftly edit work package attributes in the work package table without having to open a work package in a different edit view (split screen or full screen). Inline editing not only facilitates quick work package updates but also creates the basis for future development improvements (e.g. for the Timeline and Backlogs view).

Two-way binding between the work package table, fullscreen view and split view

OpenProject 5.0 allows to see and update work packages without losing the context of the work package table. While this provides many advantages, it is confusing that the work package table is not being updated when a work package is updated (e.g. in the split screen view). With OpenProject 5.1 two-way binding between the work package table, fullscreen view, and split view is implemented. This allows to immediately reflect changes in different related views.

Design and usability improvements

In addition to functional improvements, OpenProject 5.1 includes additional design, usability and performance improvements.

Accessibility improvements

Accessibility is a major topic for OpenProject. Therefore, the new release includes a number of accessibility improvements and ensures that OpenProject meets accessibility standards.

Further information

For additional information on the release, take a look at the respective work package (#20423). To get an overview of the future OpenProject development take a look at the roadmap. In order to always be informed about the latest changes, follow OpenProject on Twitter and like us on Facebook.