OpenProject 4.1.3 released

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OpenProject 4.1.3 has been released. It contains an important security fix and several bug fixes.

We strongly recommend to update to the current version.

OpenProject 4.1.3 contains a security fix for Ruby-on-Rails which is an important part of the software stack used by OpenProject (#20470).

In addition, a number of bug fixes are included in the new release:

  • Dates on the details pane were not visible for anonymous users (#20266).
  • The title was displayed twice in email notifications when creating new work packages (#20232).
  • An unnecessary warning message was displayed when reloading the work package page after adding a comment via the details pane (#19515).

Additionally, the styling of the activities section on the details pane has been updated (#19788).

For further information on the release, please refer to the Changelog v.4.1.3 or take a look at GitHub.