Product Strategy Board of the sovereign workplace dPhoenixSuite

Open Source Workplace for the Public Sector

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Software, made in Europe — made for Europe.

Securing digital sovereignty is key to organizations, especially in the public sector. It is one of the main motivations for developing this open source project management software OpenProject. Above all, this means keeping control over one’s own data and avoiding dependencies on a few hyperscalers.

Today, I joined the kick-off meeting of the product strategy board for the development of the Sovereign Administrative Workplace. The goal of this initiative is to build a powerful open source collaboration suite for the public sector. In my view, this is an important step towards true digital sovereignty, led by the ZenDiS project group of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) and Dataport.

My personal highlight was the presentation of converging development roadmaps for Element, Nextcloud, Univention, Collabora and Open-Xchange, all joining forces.

I am thrilled that we have joined the project and that we will release the first integration into the dPhoenixSuite in Q4 2022. THANK YOU for supporting open source software in the public sector!