OpenProject on-premises: download and installation

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We offer 2 OpenProject on-premises versions besides the OpenProject Enterprise cloud edition. The OpenProject Community edition is an on-premises version installed in your environment. It covers a wide range of features and is free of charge. OpenProject Enterprise on-premises offers additional Enterprise add-ons and security features as well as professional support.

Installed in your infrastructure, the on-premises editions offer the highest security level and allow for customization. We would like to explain to you how to install and operate OpenProject in your own infrastructure. It is straight forward and our documentation will guide you step by step.

Effort and complexity

We offer OpenProject Community and Enterprise on-premises as package or docker based installation. Thus, it integrates easily into your existing infrastructure. The set up requires minimal effort. Of course it depends on how many users your OpenProject installation is going to support. However, in most case, when installed on your own server, you just let OpenProject install everything, including the database. It takes around 15 minutes (including waiting time) and is only 4 commands on the command line.


OpenProject Community and Enterprise on-premises can be downloaded and operated on major Linux distributions or via Docker container. You find the latest information about hardware and operating system requirements here.


For production environments and when using a supported distribution, we recommend using the packaged installation using DEB or RPM packages. This will install OpenProject as a system dependency using your distribution’s package manager, and provide updates in the same fashion that all other system packages do. Alternatively, you can do the installation with docker as well, it allows to setup OpenProject in an isolated manner.

Check the following video for step-by-step instructions for the Ubuntu installation:

Este vídeo está disponible en inglés.


How can you assure that OpenProject is available for all users and processing all requests with adequate speed? You can use horizontal scaling for OpenProject which allows you to easily increase processing power. It gives you the required flexibility in case you are adding users or if the projects and thus user requests are growing.


Please remember that we are constantly extending the feature set of OpenProject, fixing bugs, working on improvements. Hence, we regularly release OpenProject upgrades. This requires upgrading from your side so that you can benefit from these improvements. Upgrading OpenProject is as easy as installing a newer OpenProject package and running the “openproject configure” command. Please find the detailed descriptions here.


We advise to backup your OpenProject installation regularly — especially before upgrading to a newer version. Depending on your installation method, there are different ways to do the backup. We put together easy and clear instructions that you can find here.


You might have questions regarding the technical set-up, errors you come across, usability etc. We are there to support you and make sure you enjoy working with OpenProject. The Community edition that comes for free, includes support via the OpenProject Community forum and user guides. The Enterprise on-premises payment plan already includes professional support via email with the OpenProject technical support team. We promise to fix critical incidents within 8h during office hours. If you require more extensive support via telephone and shorter turnaround time, we offer Premier or Corporate support at an additional monthly cost. Please compare here or contact us to find out more details. In order to make the installation process as smooth as possible for you, you also find the option to book an initial installation support.

OpenProject BIM Community edition

If you are working in the construction industry and looking for a project management software, we can offer you OpenProject BIM on-premises. It offers all classic and agile project management features complemented by powerful BIM collaboration features with BCF management and IFC viewer.

Get your free Enterprise on-premises trial

Please feel free to directly create your free 14-day OpenProject Enterprise on-premises trial. Don’t worry, if you create your Enterprise on-premises trial and don’t extend it after 14 days, you will automatically be downgraded to the Community edition which is free of charge.