New OpenProject Help Resources

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We love OpenProject and we work with it every day. However, we also realize that even the best software cannot be used to the fullest of its potential without a little extra help. Help is exactly what we offer to anyone who may have questions about OpenProject.

UPDATE: Please visit our detailed user guide for documentation and help resources.

Did you ever get stuck asking yourself:

  • How do I quickly update my work packages without opening every detailed view?
  • How can I display my work packages in a timeline?
  • How do I add new members to my projects?

We have collected the answers to these and many other questions about OpenProject in the User Guides. From the first steps to adapting system settings, this is where you will find all the answers.

Guías de usuario

Additionally, you can browse through the Frequently Asked Questions for a quick solution to your question. If you do not have much time on your hands, the Keyboard Shortcuts will save you valuable seconds while navigating through projects and work packages.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There may also be some issues we might have not addressed in the Help section yet. This is when our OpenProject Community can come to your rescue. Do not hesitate to post a question in a forum. Chances are someone else had the same problem and can help with a valuable advice.

Comunidad de OpenProject

We will be constantly expanding and updating the Help resources as OpenProject evolves and develops new features. And if you have any ideas and suggestions for improvements, give us a shout! We are always looking forward to feedback. :-)