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How universities and research institutes use project management software

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With the pandemic, like many others, also the education sector was forced into digitalizing. Project management software for universities and research institutions provides a single platform to exchange all important information, documents and more.

There are plenty of use cases of education project management software that we want to take a closer look at in this article.

Project management software for project management courses

One very straight forward use case for universities is to use project management software in project management courses. Students learn the theoretical principals and methodologies and can then transfer their knowledge into practice when collaborating on real projects with other project team members.

Besides learning how to apply project management methodologies to real projects and how to problem solve, students are at the same time growing their personal and social skills by working in teams.

Project management software for teachers

Using a project management software to organize lectures can have a huge benefit. Use the software as a single platform to have all assignments uploaded, coordinate guest speakers, exchange with students, set up meetings, manage projects across faculties, manage theses.

Project management software for university administration

Project management software can also be used by the admin staff to organize the university back office. This includes certificates, access management, budgeting, third-party funds, website maintenance, staff management, the Erasmus student exchange program and much more.

Project management software for students

Apart from using a project management software in project management courses, students could also use it to keep track of classes, assignments and collaborate on group projects.

Project management software for research projects

Apart from teaching, universities are equally committed to research. And of course research institutes’ purpose is research as well.

Thereby, a project management software can be used to connect research teams across the globe to collaborate on research projects. But even local teams that do research in a lab can use project management software to organize the lab work, make sure everyone is following the right procedures and workflows and track results.

Project management software for product development

The work of research institutes is characterized by the collaboration of an (interdisciplinary) team of experts. They are working on finding solutions to problems on a scientific basis. This solution can be a product so essentially research can also mean product development. Project management software is best suited to manage a product across its life cycle and connect the team working on it.

OpenProject best project management tool for educational institutes

We at OpenProject are proud to have a lot of universities and research institutes as our customers. They value that OpenProject prioritizes data security and privacy and provides a secure environment for processing critical data. OpenProject is available not only in the cloud but also on-premises. Many institutes benefit from the option to host OpenProject on-premises and thus have full data control as they have the capacity and knowledge to do so. Moreover, OpenProject is the best project management software for educational institutes because it offers hybrid project management that allows to teach classic, agile and hybrid methodologies and give the widest range of options for project management implementation.