OpenProject recognized as high performer in 2023 by G2

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OpenProject recognized as high performer in 2023

We are excited to share some fantastic news that made us proud. The year 2023 has already brought us remarkable accomplishments, and it is our pleasure to reveal one that truly stands out: G2 has honored us as High Performers this summer.

This recognition from G2 holds special meaning for us, as it reflects the dedication and passion we pour into our product. We take immense pride in knowing that our customers have played an important role in elevating us to this prestigious position on the platform.

About G2: G2 is one of the leading platforms for reviewing and finding information about software products.

Take a look at some testimonials from our users sharing their experiences with OpenProject:

  • “… For me, data security was a big factor as we have a lot of confidential data being processed and OpenProject offers secure hosting (if you use the cloud version, otherwise on-premises is of course even better) and they don’t share your data.” (Verified user)

  • “I’m using OpenProject to track time and costs of running projects. I like how it streamlines and automates workflows, thus eliminating repetitive and manual workflows and also boosting productivity. I can easily plan and manage all my work and project schedules with OpenProject.” (Vincent)

  • “I have been using OpenProject for the past 2 years. I was using Redmine previously in my company before moving to OpenProject. I love the UI offered by OpenProject - it’s not as boring or monotonous as Redmine. As a project manager, I constantly monitor the status of bugs reported within my projects. The ease of use in setting up filters and saving these filters privately/publicly is a feature that has helped me within my organization and with my clients. Setting a custom filter to filter out the features that are being developed in different phases and creating a separate menu item for this filter helps my clients get a quick idea about the features that my team is developing in each phase of the project.” (Roshan)

We are very thankful to all our users for their immense love and for sharing their experiences with OpenProject on G2.

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