OpenProject is among the Best Project Management Software 2019

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Newsweek’s Best Business Tools 2019

This week, Newsweek, one of the leading American weekly news magazines published together with Statista Inc., an international well-known and recognized data research company, the list of Best Business Tools 2019. OpenProject is one of the Best Project Management Software 2019. The list was generated based on a survey in the US of more than 10,000 professional business users of software as well as software service providers. Additionally, they asked more than 1500 users of the Generation Z (born between 1997 to 2012). These Digital Natives who are now starting as young entrepreneurs or employees often have a totally different view on and expectation of software. The survey asked the participants to nominate and rate business software in 54 categories according to different criteria, such as trust, services, reliability, security, satisfaction.

OpenProject among the Best Software for Project Management 2019

OpenProject achieves a ranking among the Best Project Management Software 2019 with a score of 75.2 points (out of 100). Trello was nominated best among the young participants of the Generation Z. This shows us that especially for the young generation the Agile methodologies play a big role for project management.

Best Project Management Software 2019

OpenProject Boards are the perfect open source alternative for Trello boards. This way users can best combine classical project management activities (e.g. project planning with Gantt charts) together with Agile methodologies, e.g. Kanban.

Read the full article of Newsweek’s Best Business Tools 2019 as well as explanation of the methodology used here.