Usability improvements

The usability of the work package page has been improved.

Work package page configuration

To create a consistent interface for the work package page configuration and the embedded work package tables, the work package options directly affecting the work package table (sort, group, sum, hierarchy, Gantt chart configuration) have been moved to a separate configuration view.

The work package settings option now includes the entry Configure view… which opens a separate modal view to configure the work package page. By selecting the different tabs, you can easily change the displayed columns, filters, sorting, hierarchy and Gantt chart options.

Work package configure view

Responsible renamed to Accountable

The work package attribute Responsible has been renamed to Accountable (27406) to be more consistent with frequently used methodologies, such as RACI (Responsibe, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed).

This change affects both the work package page and filter section.

Work package accountable

Due date renamed to Finish date

The due date has been renamed to finish date. This is more clear and complies with the PMI naming convention.

Project responsible replaced by custom fields

The project responsible field has been removed with OpenProject 8. Instead, it is possible to create a project custom field of type “User” to automatically reflect this information in the View all projects list.

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