New side navigation

The navigation within OpenProject has been updated and is more consistent with the mobile view. You can now hide the side menu to have even more space when working within a project.

Both the work packages page and wiki page have a new navigation. You can click on the arrow icon next to either Work packages or Wiki to see all the views and sub pages associated with each entry. This makes it very easy to navigate to different wiki pages and to work package views. You have enough space to see all the different views.

New wiki navigation

For wiki pages you can select the arrow icon next to the wiki page entry. This displays the different wiki sub pages. All wiki pages are shown in the table of contents on the left side. The hierarchy can be collapsed and expanded.

The most important wiki pages can be added to the top left side. The side menu can be resized to display the wiki page names in full. Simply drag the side menu to resize it.

It is still possible to add wiki pages to the main project side menu.

Navigation Wiki

New work package navigation

The navigation page in the work package page automatically displays all work package views which have been saved.

There are four different sections:

  • Default views: These are the default work package views (e.g. all open work packages, all work packages created in the current week). These views are created automatically.
  • Private views: These are saved views which are not shared with other project members.
  • Public views: Views which are shared with project members are listed in this category.
  • Favorite views: Views can be set as favorites and are shown in this category. Previously (in OpenProject 7.4 and before) these were the views that were added to the side menu.

To quickly find a saved view simply enter the view’s name in the search field.

Workpackage views

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