Custom actions (Enterprise / Cloud Edition)

With OpenProject 8 you can streamline processes, reduce errors and enforce workflows by using custom actions. With custom actions you can define buttons which change multiple work package attributes with a single click.

As an example you could define a custom action “Submit proposal” which is shown for new tasks. Clicking the button changes the status to “In evaluation”, update the progress to 20% and set the assignee to the project manager. The project manager can then see the button “Approve proposal” (this custom action button is not visible to regular project members). By clicking the button, the status is changed to “approved”, the progress updated to 30%, a Boolean custom field “approved” is set to checked and the assignee is changed to the project member who proceeds to work on this task.

Custom actions give you full flexibility to configure your own processes and set the conditions when (and for whom) a custom action button is shown. You can also configure which attributes (including custom fields) are set when you click the button. These settings are configured in the administration.

Create a custom action

The custom action buttons are then shown on the work packages if the defined conditions for seeing the custom action button are met.

Use a custom action

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