Conditional formatting for work package list (Enterprise / Cloud Edition)

In project management it is critical to stay on top of your tasks and immediately see which tasks require your attention. With OpenProject 8, you can highlight work packages in different colors based on different attributes.

By default, the work package status, priority as well as the due date are highlighted. The due date of overdue tasks is shown in red, tasks which are due on the current day are displayed in orange. The due date is also highlighted in the Gantt chart.  Next to the status and priority a circle displays the respective color. Those colors can be customized.

Conditional Formatting

Alternatively, you can highlight entire work package rows based on either the work package status or priority.

Conditional Formatting Priority

To configure which highlighting is used, select Configure view from the work package settings page or click on the gear icon on the right side of the work package table. Next, select the Highlighting tab in the work package configuration. Select the highlighting option you prefer. You can of course also deactivate the highlighting.

The highlight settings are saved when you create or save work package views.

Configure conditional formatting


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