Labels on Gantt chart

When working with Gantt charts it is often useful to see the relevant information directly within the Gantt chart without having to display columns next to it. Switching back and forth between the Gantt chart and columns next to it can be annoying and distracting.

Therefore, we enabled the option to configure and show up to three different labels for each work package in the Gantt chart. By showing this information directly in the Gantt chart you can hide all work package columns without losing essential information.

In order to configure the Gantt chart labels, select the work package settings menu and select the Gantt chart entry. Set up to three different labels and click on Apply.

Gantt chart labels

You can not only display all of the work package attributes but also work package custom fields.

Save the configured page in a work package query to make it accessible to other users as well.

Gantt chart active labels

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