Relations in the work package list (Enterprise Edition / Cloud Edition)

When planning a release or finalizing features it is often helpful to get an overview of the different relations that exist between features.

With OpenProject 7.2 we extended the work package column menu for users of the Enterprise Edition and Cloud Edition. You can add both relations by work package type (e.g. relations to Bug, Feature, Milestone) and by relation type (e.g. blocked byrelated to, requires).

The relations column is then added to the work package list and can be configured and used as any other column (and can also be saved in work package queries).

The relations column shows the number of work packages that have a relation to the work package. By clicking on the number you can expand the list and see the work packages that have the specified type of relation with the work package.

Add relation column

OpenProject 7.2: Relations column

Use cases for relations columns

Relations columns are very flexible: You can decide which and how many relations columns to display. However, there are some use cases that lend themselves to this feature.

Example 1: Feature development

When you develop new features and test those features prior to a release you may find some critical bugs. In order to prevent buggy features from being released, you can create a blocked relationship from the bugs to the feature.

This prevents the feature from being closed without the bugs being closed first.

To get an overview of the features and the bugs that block the release of those features, simply filter for the features and add a Blocked by column to the work package list.

You now have a compact overview of the features and the bugs blocking the release of those features.

To see which bugs are blocking a specific feature, simply click on the number shown for the feature in the Blocked by column. This expands the list of bugs.

OpenProject 7.2: Relations column

Example 2: Release management

When you plan new releases, it is important to see which work packages are required for the releases.

Showing this information is easy with OpenProject 7.2. Simply create an includes relationship between the work packages in the release and the release.

From the work package page you can then easily see which work packages belong to a release and how many have been completed.

Release management

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