Attribute help texts (Enterprise Edition / Cloud Edition)

As a user of the Enterprise Edition or Cloud Edition you can configure work package attribute help texts.

Project members see a question mark next to work package attributes (e.g. custom fields) for you set help texts.

When they click on the question mark, they see the help text.

How to configure attribute help texts

As an OpenProject administrator you can select the entry Attribute help texts in the administration.

This shows a list of all existing work package attributes (including custom fields). Therefore, you have the choice for which attributes to display info texts.

Once you select a value, you can specify the attribute help text in the text field below.

Configuration attribute help text

Once you save the settings, a help icon is shown next to the attribute in all projects.

Project members can see the question mark icon in the work package split screen and fullscreen and simply click on it to show the help text.

Attribute help text

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