New integrated Gantt chart / timeline

With OpenProject 7.0 the work package page is extended with an additional view: From the work package list the timeline view can be activated. Once activated, the timeline graphically shows the start and due date of the work packages in the work package list. Therefore, the same filters, grouping and sorting options available in the work package list can be applied to the timeline.

Elements shown in the timeline can be easily updated by simply dragging and dropping the phases / milestones shown in the graph.

Creating relationships between work packages is also very easy: simply right click on a work package shown in the timeline and select a predecessor or follower. The Gantt chart is then updated automatically.

The integrated Gantt chart can be saved and accessed from a work package query.

Please note that the old timeline (shown when selecting Timelines from the side menu) will be removed with OpenProject 8.0.

Integrated timeline

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