New home screen

  • The home screen contains important information as well as references to guidelines and help resources.

Information displayed on home screen

  • Home Screen contains blocks with important information:
    • Newest projects
    • Newest users
    • My account overview
    • References to help resources and important information
  • Welcome text block (optionally) can be displayed and configured by an administrator.


How to configure whether welcome block is displayed on home screen

  1. Navigate to the administration.
  2. Select Settings from the side menu.
  3. Select tab General and scroll down to Welcome block text.
  4. Provide a title for the welcome block.
  5. Provide a text for the welcome block.
  6. Select whether block should be displayed on the home screen.
  7. Select whether block should be displayed on the project overview (“Show all project”).
  8. Save settings.