Invite project members to OpenProject and add to a project in one step

  • New users can be directly invited to a project via their email address.
    • Users can then create their account and join the project
  • The member menu has been moved out of the project settings to the project side navigation.
  • New user creation has been simplified: Only the most important information is entered on creation.

Invite member to project via email

  1. In order to invite a user to a project via email first select Members from the project menu.
  2. Select Add member.
  3. Enter the email address of the external user you want to invite.
  4. Enter the role the user should have in the project.
  5. Select Add.




Simplified create new user screen

  • Administrators can create new users via the Users menu on the left side.
  • The user create dialog has been reduced to only include the most important attributes.
  • Additional settings can be configured after creation.