Integrated toolbar on work package page

Expandable filter section

  • Filter area can be collapsed and expanded by clicking on filter button


Filter 2

Instantly applied work package filters

  • Work package table is automatically updated when adding / removing a filter
    • Filters from dropdown are selected right away
    • Text filters are applied as soon as three characters or more have been entered

Instant Filter

Work package creation from work package table

  • Via work package button new work package form can be opened
    • Type to be created can be selected right from the work package table

Create a work package

Create a work package part 2

Two different views: Work package table and split-screen

  • Work package details pane can be activated by clicking on toggler.
    • Button to activate details pane is deactivated on devices with small screen width
    • See description of work package details pane for more information

Button Details Pane

Integrated page configuration via modals

  • Query configuration and options panel which used to be on a separate page is now integrated in the work package page via modals
  • The page configuration in the menu settings includes:
    • Column configuration
    • Sorting configuration
    • Grouping based on columns
    • Saving and deleting queries
    • Exporting the work package table and queries
    • Sharing queries
    • Renaming queries

Menu settings

Menu settings 2

Menu settings 3

Create new queries based on existing ones (Save as)

  • Use existing queries as templates for new queries
    • Select an existing query, select “Save as” from settings menu and enter name of newly created query

Save a query