Work package functionality

In OpenProject 2.4 the work package functionality has been updated: Issues and Planning elements were separate entities. In OpenProject 3.0 both types have been unified to work packages. As a results former issues can be displayed in timelines.

In addition, many other improvements have been implemented.

Auto-completion for work packages

It is often difficult to remember the correct ID of an issue/work package. When adding a work package as a parent work package/child or referencing a work package in the work package description or comments or in the Wiki, Forum or News, an auto-completion helps the user to find the right work package quickly.

To use the feature, enter “#” followed by the work package subject or ID (to set a work package parent or child, it is sufficient to just enter the title without “#” in the respective text boxes).

Work package functionality: Auto-completion work package


Quick selection for custom queries

Custom queries are no longer displayed in the side navigation by default but can be comfortably selected above the work package filters.
The displayed queries are separated in public custom queries (which can be seen by any project member who have the necessary permissions) and personal custom queries (which can only be seen by the user who created them).

Work package functionality: Custom Queries


More detailed work package summary

The work package summary has been improved by displaying a more detailed work package status and adding information about work package responsibility.

Work package summary includes work package status

In OpenProject 2.4, it was only visible whether a work package was open or closed.
With OpenProject 3.0, a detailed overview of work package status are displayed.

Work package functionality: Work packages summary


Responsible added to work package summary

The work package summary now includes an additional table, clearly displaying the responsibility of work packages.
Project managers thereby have the opportunity to quickly get an overview over the assigned work package responsibility.

Work package functionality: Work package summary responsible


Responsible can be assigned via context menu and bulk edit

The context menu in the work package list provides an easy way to change work package attributes of multiple work packages at once.
In OpenProject 3.0 the context menu has been expanded to include the responsibility:
The work packages responsibility can be assigned directly via the context menu or via the bulk edit.

Assigning responsibility directly via context menu

Work package functionality: Context menu

Assigning responsibility via bulk edit

Work package functionality: BulkEdit1

Work package functionality: BulkEdit2

Filters are cleared when Work packages is selected in side navigation

In OpenProject 3.0 it is possible to quickly clear the selected filters by clicking on Work packages in the side navigation.
Before this work package functionality was added, the selected filters were not cleared but kept, causing irritation.

Easier navigation to work packages through shorter URL

For users who navigate OpenProject via URL or who prefer shorter URLs (for example when linking to OpenProject), it is possible to use an abbreviated URL to navigate to the work package list: Instead of /work_packages, the user can open the work package list via /wp.

Work package functionality: Work package navigation


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