Design changes

Use of Icon Fonts

  • Instead of static icons, icon fonts are used.
  • When zooming in on icon fonts, the quality does not decrease but scales with the zoom.
  • Icon fonts allow an improved customization, performance and multi-browser compatibility.

New header and side navigation

  • The top and side navigation have been newly designed.
  • The breadcrumb in the upper navigation allows a more convenient project navigation.

Top navigation


Contractible side navigation

  • The side navigation can be collapsed, providing more space for content.
  • The displayed icons still allow a comfortable project navigation.

Contractible side navigation

New work package form

  • The work package form has been newly designed.
  • The work package form adapts depending on the selected screen size.

Work Package Form

Design customization via Themes

  • The design of OpenProject can be customized via Themes.
  • Themes can be defined by each individual user separately (in account settings).

Theme 1

Theme 2

Implementation of Sass

  • The old CSS has been completely revised and Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) is being used as extension language.
  • Through the use of Sass, templates can be used in OpenProject to allow a user-specific adaption of OpenProject.