Adaptive Timelines

The ability to visualize the progress critical work packages and projects is an important tool for project managers.
Therefore, OpenProject 3.0 contains many new and improved timeline features.

Issues and planning elements combined to work packages

In OpenProject 3.0 issues and planning elements have been combined to work packages.
As a result, former issues are now displayed in timeline reports.

Improved planning comparison

Planning comparisons in timelines can be used to show planning changes over time.
The functionality – which already existed in OpenProject 2.4 – has been improved to include changes in work package status, type, responsible and assignee.

Planning Comparison

Support of custom fields

In OpenProject 3.0 it is possible for the first time to use custom fields in timeline reports.
Custom fields can be displayed in timeline columns and custom values can be used as timeline filters.

Filter work packages

Custom fields cannot only be displayed in timeline columns, but also be used as filters.
To use custom fields in timelines, create custom fields and activate them in the project settings.
Then, add a custom value to a custom field (in the timeline configuration under “Filter work packages”, to filter work packages of the respective type.
Currently, work package custom fields of type “list” and “boolean” are supported.

Support of auto-completion and drag&drop

Timeline filters support auto-completion. When text is entered in a filter, suggested results are displayed from which the user can select. The order of different filter values can be changed via drag&drop (e.g. for changing the order of columns in a timeline report).


Support of Internet Explorer 11 (support for IE8 dropped)

Several performance improvements have been implemented. In this context, Internet Explorer 11 is now supported, while support for IE 8 has been dropped.
Users are notified when accessing OpenProject with an unsupported browser version.

Browser Support