Major Accessibility Improvements

Accessibility tests have been performed in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom.

Note: Accessibility mode in account settings should be activated for optimal result.

Changes in contrast supported

  • Contrast changes are supported: Even with strong contrast changes, functions can be well recognized.

Keyboard accessibility

  • All functions in OpenProject can be accessed via keyboard.
  • The keyboard focus is highlighted by a blue box in order to support motor-impaired users.
  • The keyboard focus order is the same as the process order, allowing users to follow the logical workflow.
  • Form elements are linked to their labels to allow users to activate or deactivate options via keyboard.

Screen reader support

Note: Screen reader tests have been performed with JAWS 13, 14 and 15

  • Texts in OpenProject (including error messages) are recognized by screen readers.
  • Screen readers work with multiple languages (English and German).
  • The HTML structure has been optimized to work with screen readers.
    • Alt-texts are used to pronounce icons.
    • Tables are linearised to support screen reader flow.