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OpenProject 6.1.5

This patch release contains several bug fixes. We recommend to update your OpenProject installation to this version.

Features (1)

  • The OpenProject Favicon was updated to a new color (#24459).

Bug fixes (11)

  • On the packaged installation the “Send iCalendar” button in meetings caused an error (#24445).
  • The breadcrumb was partially hidden when following the link to activities (#24477).
  • The work package toolbar menu was not visible on small screens (#24679).
  • Work package split screen on mobile was not displayed correctly (#24699).
  • An error message related to remaining hours was shown when editing child work packages (#24553).
  • Sorting by date in time reports and cost reports did not work correctly (#24567).
  • Duplicated wiki pages could not be removed (#24582).
  • Error shown when editing a user and using a reverse proxy server (#24622).
  • Inactive users were shown on the homescreen of the OpenProject instance (#24657).
  • Links in the breadcrumb were missing (#24706, #24676).
  • The PDF export showed an internal error when using certain font types.

For further information on the release, please refer to the Changelog v.6.1.5 or take a look at GitHub.