Split screen mode

The details pane allows a user to view relevant work package information at a glance without leaving the work package table.
Several tabs allow to display only the relevant work package information.
Note: The details pane can only be displayed on screens with a sufficient width (~ 1200 pixels)

Note: Some functionality of the context menu has (temporarily) been removed since the context menu has to be rebuild in AngularJS.

Expandable work package details pane

  • Different ways to activate:
    • Click on details pane icon in integrated toolbar
    • Double-click on work package in details pane
    • Open via context menu (accessible)
      • Please note that some functionality has been temporarily removed from the context menu due to rebuilding the context menu in AngularJS (see screenshot below).

details pane


details pane context

“Overview” tab for general work package information

  • Contains description and expandable attributes
  • Last activity ist displayed on bottom of overview tab

overview tab


“Activity” tab showing history

  • Lists the entire activity of a work package
  • Directly add a comment to the work package
  • Enable quote and edit functionality by hovering over comment

activity tab


“Relations” tab for dependencies

  • Lists parent and children of selected work package
  • Add or remove relations directly from the details pane

relations tab


“Watchers” tab to follow work package

  • Simply add or remove watchers

watcher tab


“Attachments” tab showing attached documents

  • Display attachments associated with a work package

attachments tab


Accessible work package page

  • Screen reader support for new work package page
  • Use of keyboard shortcuts (open overview by pressing “?” on keyboard) and access keys

Keyboard shortcuts