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OpenProject 5.0.5

OpenProject 5.0.5 contains several bug fixes:
  • An error which prevented a user from adding or removing watchers to a work package has been fixed (#22215).
  • The watch button on wiki pages, forums and news pages has been fixed (#22086).
  • The progress bars (e.g. in roadmap, budgets) are displayed properly again (#22225).
  • The “watch all” / “hide empty” button on the work package page has been renamed to be more descriptive (#22221).
  • Several design bugs have been fixed (#22209, #22200).
  • The accessibility has been improved in several places.
Additionally, OpenProject 5.0.5 includes a performance improvement for the work package full screen view (#21750).New translations have been added to OpenProject. Thanks to everyone who helped to translate and proof read OpenProject!To help translate OpenProject, please take a look at the OpenProject CrowdIn projects.For further information on the release, please refer to the Changelog v.5.0.5 or take a look at GitHub.