Edit and update a work package

There are different ways to edit a work package: You can edit a work package on the work package list (inline edit), in the work package split screen or in the full screen view.

To edit a single work package attribute, simply click on the attribute, make your change and save it by pressing Enter on your keyboard.

Inline edit work package

In order to edit a work package in the split screen, hover over a work package row and click on the little info icon shown at the end of the row (1). Alternatively, click on some free space in a work package row (make sure not to accidentally trigger the inline edit) and click on the button Activate Details View(2).

To open a work package in full screen mode from split screen view, click on the little full screen icon on the right side of the split screen (3).
Alternatively, double click in a work package row (4).

To close the split screen and only show the work package list, either click again on the split screen icon (2) or click on the close icon on the split screen (5).

Split and full screen work package

To edit work package attributes, simply hover over the attributes and click on the attribute field. Press Enter to confirm a change.

In order to edit all attributes, click instead on the Edit button at the bottom of the split screen.

Full edit work package

Click on the Save button at the bottom of the split screen to save the changes.

All changes will be displayed in the history in the Activity tab.