Create a new work package

On the work package page there are two ways to create new work packages: Work packages can be created from the work package list to quickly create multiple work packages. Alternatively, you can create work packages in a split screen which allows you to specify detailed information from the start.

Work package list create

To quickly create work packages from the work package list, click on the + icon at the bottom of the list. Simply enter a subject and press Enter on your keyboard.


Alternatively, click on the + Create button in the toolbar in the upper right corner and select a type from the dropdown menu to create a new work package.

A form to create new work packages is displayed on the right side of the list. The attributes shown by default can be configured for each type in the admin settings. The title as well as attribute fields marked with a * sign are mandatory.

If you prefer to create a work package in full screen mode, click on the little full screen icon on the left (1).

First, select or change the work package Type (2) and enter the work package Title (3).

The attributes shown by default can be configured in the type administration. The following description is the default type configuration for the type Task:
The Project (4) can be set at the top of the details list. Below the project, the (optional) Description (5) can be entered.

An assignee (6) can be set for the work package, as well as a start and due date (7) .

To upload an attachment, click on the file area or drag and drop files directly on top to add them (8).

To display and configure additional attributes select the Show all attributes (9) button.

Work package create form

After pressing the Show all attributes button empty attributes can be hidden again by pressing Show less (1).

In addition to the original attributes additional attributes such as for example the Status (2) can be selected.

Note: Some status transitions are not supported by some types. This can potentially lead to a situation where it is no longer possible to change the status due to a previous state. If this is the case for you, inform a system administrator to adjust the workflow according to your project role and the work package type.

The Responsible (3) field can be set which defines the person responsible for the completion of the task.

To better estimate the effort associated with the work package the fields Estimated time (4) (in hours) can be used.

Spent time (5) displays the amount of time logged on a work package.  Additionally, you can set a Category (6).

Define the Progress (in %) (7) of the task as well as the Priority (8) and assign the work package to a Version (9).


Finally, create the work package by clicking the Save (10) button.

Work package create form