Show a wiki page in the project menu

You can also display wiki pages as menu items to access them more easily. To do so, select Configure menu item from the More functions menu. On the new page, you can choose a name for the menu point and choose between different visibility options.

Show a Wiki Page in the Project Menu 1

Selecting Show as menu item in project navigation will create an independent menu point in the side navigation (1). Alternatively, you can also choose to make the wiki page a sub-point to the overall wiki module in the side navigation, by selecting Show as menu item of (2). The drop-down menu here displays Wiki as the default parent page. However, if you have already created other main menu points (using the before-mentioned option), the drop-down menu will offer these menu points as additional parent page options.

Show a Wiki Page in the Project Menu 2

The default option is Do not show this wiki page in project navigation. Check this option if you want to undo earlier changes and hide the wiki page from the side navigation.