Link a wiki page to work packages and documents

You can embed work packages, documents and images into wiki pages.

Linking a wiki page to a work package

To link to a work package, enter the work package number following a hash key in the editing mode.

#3only creates the link to the work package.

With ##3, you can display a work package’s title as well as its status and start and end date.

###3 displays a work package’s title, status, start, end date as well as its assignee and responsible and the first three lines of the description (if existing).

Link a Wiki Page to Work Packages and Documents 1

Linking a wiki page to a document

To add a document or file, browse to the bottom area of the editing page and select a document using the Browse button. Alternatively, you can also collapse this section on the wiki page itself by clicking on the Add file link below the text. In the newly opened window, select a file from your hard drive and click Open. Optionally, you can also add a description to your file. By clicking on Add another file, you can attach additional documents. Once you are finished, click on Save.

Link a Wiki Page to Work Packages and Documents 2