Embed timelines, images and child pages in a wiki page

Embedding an image

To embed an image in a wiki page, the procedure consists of the following steps:

  • First, upload the file. To do so, click on Browse
  • Enter the file name in wiki syntax, e.g. !Image.png!. It is important to use the correct file name, otherwise the image cannot be displayed.
  • Click on Save. Note: If you have not saved the page before, the image will not be displayed in the preview mode

Link work packages, documents and images

Embedding a timeline

You can embed a project timeline into a wiki page. To do that use a macro {{timeline(ID)}}. You will find the timeline ID in the timeline URL.

Link timelines to wiki pages

Embedding child pages

You can embed the child pages into a wiki page. To do that use a macro {{child_pages}}.

Embed child pages into a wiki page