Work Packages List View

The top panel above the work package list view offers several functionalities:
  1. Adding a new work package
  2. Adding a filter
  3. Switching to the list view
  4. Activating the split screen view
  5. Switching to the full screen view
  6. Adapting the view list, such as adding new columns, changing the sorting criteria, exporting work packages, etc.
Work package listIn addition, there are a number of bulk edit options, such as Edit, Copy and Delete which can be applied on the selected work packages. To do that select the check boxes for the work packages you want to edit and right-click on a highlighted column in the work package list. This will open the list allowing general changes such as Copy, Delete and Move (provided you have permissions to perform these actions). Apart from this, the list indirectly allows more detailed changes: Open detail view will open the detail pane at the right side of the list, and Edit links to the full range of options on the specific work package page.Work package context menuThe detail view option (5) opens on the right side of the screen, showing the work package attributes and allowing you to edit the work package.Work package split screenThe full screen toggle option (6) opens the work package in full screen mode and provides more screen real estate to view and edit the work package.Work package full screen