Display multiple projects in timeline

In order to reflect relationships between projects, status reports can be created. This also allows to display timelines from multiple projects in one central timeline report.In order to visualize these structures and also to make full use of the permissions concept, it is advisable to create the planning levels as independent subprojects.Subprojects are only displayed in the timeline reports of their respective parent project, if:a) you have permission to see timelines in the respective subproject, andb) there is a reporting relationship created from the subproject to the respective parent project.You can create a relationship between projects by opening the timeline report of the subproject which should be shown in the main project and selecting the button Status reportings.Display multiple projects in timeline 1Then, select New reporting and enter the parent project in the dropdown menu.Display multiple projects in timeline 2Display multiple projects in timeline 3Navigate to the parent project’s timeline to see that the subproject’s timeline is included in the timeline of the parent project.Display multiple projects in timeline 4