Roles and Permissions

For some projects it is important that certain actions can only be carried out by specific groups of people, or that certain information is not visible to everyone, due to, for example, privacy concerns or sensitive information.

OpenProject allows the creation of an unlimited number of roles (e.g. manager, member, reader, etc.) and enables you to define precisely which privileges each role should have. The number of roles and the permissions that every role has may vary, depending on the project’s needs or preferences. Roles are defined globally and can be assigned to users in any project.

However, the same user can be assigned different roles in different projects. One user can also be assigned multiple roles in the same project. This means that depending on the role assigned to you within a project you may have more or less rights in one project than in another. This may have an influence on which functionalities are available to you.

If you have the necessary administrative rights, see here how to create a new role or how to edit an existing one.