Manage Custom Fields

Custom fields are additional value fields which can be added to existing value fields. The different sections that can use custom fields are work packages, spent time, projects, versions, users, groups, activities (time tracking), work package priorities and document categories (if you are using the Documents Plugin).Note: In order to be able to access the administration panel and manage custom fields you need to be a system admin.

Add a new custom field

To create a new role, navigate to the administration panel and select Custom fields from the menu on the left. You will see the list of all the custom fields that have been created so far, divided by the module, for which they were created, e.g. Work packages, spent time, etc. Select the module by creating the proper tab. After clicking + New custom field a form will open and you will be able to specify the new custom field.Create a new custom fieldDepending on the module, for which the new custom field is being created, slightly different options may be offered for adaptation. This is an example of a new custom field for a work package:
  1. Custom field name, which can be adapted in different languages.
  2. Format of the custom field, e.g. text, list, date, Boolean, etc.
  3. Specify the minimal and maximal length. If a 0 is chosen, no restriction will be imposed on the length of the custom field.
  4. Regular expression specifying which values are allowed for the value set for the custom field.
  5. Default value which is selected for the custom field.
  6. Specify for which work package types the new custom field should be used.
  7. Set if the new custom field should be a required field.
  8. Specify if the new custom field should be used for all projects.
  9. Specify if the new custom field should be used as a filter for work packages. See here how to filter work packages.
  10. Specify if the new custom field should be searchable via the global search.
  11. Save the new custom field.
Specify a new custom field

Edit or remove a custom field

To edit an existing custom field select the appropriate tab and click on the custom field name.Edit or delete a new custom field