Time and costs reports (Reporting plugin)

Note: Creating time and costs reports requires installation and activation of the Reporting plugin. The plugin is included in the community, enterprise and cloud edition.

You can activate the module under Project Settings.

You can create a cost reports in two ways, either through the project menu on the left or through the Modules dropdown menu on top of the page.

Selecting Cost Reports function

A new cost report view will be opened, where you can adapt the report:

  1. Filter: You can select and apply various filters, such as work package author, start date or target version. Hint: multiple projects can be selected for the Projects filter field. Depending on your rights in the project, multiple users can also be selected.
  2. Group by: this is where you can define Columns and Rows that will be displayed in the report. You can select additional rows and columns in the dropdown menu Add Group-by Attribute.
  3. Units: You can select the cost types to be evaluated in the report under Units category. For instance if you choose Labor, logged time will be evaluated. Hint: units can vary from project to project, depending on the settings configured by your project administrator.
  4. Apply: click on Apply button will generate the configured cost report, which will appear on the lower part of the page.
  5. Save: If you click the Save button, your cost report will be saved as a template. Note: if you select the filed “Public” when saving the cost report, the template will be visible to all the users (with the permission to view cost reports). Public reports are displayed on the left side under the cost reports view. They are grouped into Private cost reports and Public cost reports.
  6. If you click the Clear button, the earlier selected criteria will be removed and you will be able to create a new report.

New Costs Report