Project setup

Header navigation

On the upper left side you can select the project you want to navigate to. Once you are inside a project the project name is shown in the upper left corner.
The OpenProject logo in the center of the page allows you to get back to the dashboard of your OpenProject instance.

On the right, you can activate the OpenProject search, trigger the Modules dropdown menu, activate the Help dropdown menu and reach your user-specific settings from the avatar dropdown menu, such as your My page and My account.

If you are an administrator you can also access the Administration from the dropdown menu.

Header navigation

Project side navigation

OpenProject provides a large number of core features as well as various plugins, for example backlogs, repository, wiki, budgets, etc.. If these options are activated within a project, they are shown in the side menu on the left.

It is the project administrator’s responsibility to activate/deactivate the modules in the project settings.

Project side menu

Project Overview Page

When you select Overview from the project navigation you can configure which information new and existing project members get to see about the project.
In order to personalize this page by adding or removing information blocks according to your needs, click on the settings icon.

Configure project overview

On the new page, click on Add. You can now select different options from the dropdown menu. You can easily delete existing blocks by clicking on the Delete icon next to the title of the respective block.

Add widget to project overview

When using the My Project Page plugin  the project overview can be further customized by adding teasers to a project page (by selecting Add teaser…) and use it to add customized text and attachments (such as images) as well as use macros to include other pages, such as wiki articles or timeline reports. For an overview of the available syntax have a look at the list of available macros and textile syntax.