On the news page, you can easily see the latest news items in a project in reverse chronological order. News generally document developments in your project that are of general interest, rather than mere changes to work packages as displayed under Activites.


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I share important news with my project team?

You can create news article and summarize important project developments using News. Simply activate the News module and create a news item.

Where can I see added news items?

A list of all news is shown in a project’s news module. The latest news can also be added to the project overview in order to inform new project members. You can also get an overview of the latest news by selecting “News” from the module dropdown in the header menu.

How can I include images in news articles?

When you create a news article you may notice that there is no option to upload attachments (e.g. images). In order to display images in a news article you need to take a small workaround: First create a wiki page and write the news article (including images / attachments) the same way you would write the news. Next, create a news item and include the wiki page in the content you created using this macro: {{include(wiki)}}, whereas wiki should be replaced with the name of the wiki page. Once you save the page, the wiki page (with attachments / images) is shown in the news.