Create or edit the meeting agenda

After creating a meeting, you can set up a meeting agenda. Prior to starting the meeting all participants can add their input to the agenda by simply clicking the Edit button (1).

Use the formatting options displayed above the agenda to format your test properly, add links or embed images (2).

All changes made to the agenda are tracked. You can click the History button (3) to get an overview of all the changes including the persons who made the changes.

Click the Send for review button (4) to quickly notify participants about the meeting and send them a link to the meeting.

Press the Send iCalendar button (5) to send a calendar entry to the participants. The users can then quickly add the meeting to their calendar by accepting the invitation / importing the iCal file attached to the email notification.

At the beginning of the meeting, the agenda is closed (6) to prevent any additional changes and provide the same basis for all meeting participants. After closing the agenda, the meeting minutes are displayed to capture the results of the meeting.

Create meeting agenda