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Manage versions (for Backlog or Roadmap)

Please note: versions can be created independent of the backlogs plugin. However, in order to use versions as backlogs, the backlogs plugin needs to be installed. You can find the plugin here.

In order to use Backlogs Plugin or the Roadmap you need to create at least one (Backlog) Version. You can do that under Project Settings -> Versions. To create a new version, click the respective button.

 Create new backlog version

A new dialogue will open where you will be able to edit the following:

  1. Enter the backlog name, for example a sprint name.
  2. Enter the backlog description, for example the description of a sprint.
  3. You can choose between open, locked or closed. A locked or closed backlog will not be shown under Backlogs in project menu.
  4. Wiki page: Summarize all of the information on your agile project on one page. If you leave this page empty, the sprint name will be used as the wiki page name when you create a wiki page. If you want the page to have a different name, you can edit it here. Note: You can also define a template for all the wiki pages in one project. See here how to do that.
  5. Sprint start date.
  6. Sprint end date.
  7. You can choose whether you want to share this backlog version with other projects, for example with subprojects-
  8. Column in backlog: You can select whether the backlog version should be shown on the right or the left side of the backlog view. Sprint versions are usually located on the left side, whereas product backlogs are usually on the right side. Depending on the position, further options are available. Only the backlog versions on the left side are considered a sprint and have more functions associated compared to the versions displayed on the right side. Backlog versions displayed on the left side (sprints) offer more options – such as opening the task board and displaying the burndown chart – as compared to the Product Backlogs (which are displayed on the right side of the backlogs page).
  9. Save your changes and create a new backlog version.

Define a new backlog version

To edit or delete a backlog versions navigate into Project Settings -> Versions.

You can edit or delete a backlog version by clicking Edit or Delete buttons respectively.